When it comes to advertising, we’re not playing games

Intrinsic in-game advertising. It’s a game changer.

Effective. Innovative. The next big shift in digital advertising is happening now. Frameplay helps you reach attentive global audiences at scale in premium environments for a fraction of the cost of standard media.

Solutions for Advertisers

Win over audiences with the experts that set the standards for intrinsic in-game advertising

Frameplay collaborates with industry leading organizations to establish standards and bring intrinsic in-game advertising solutions to the world ensuring viewability, measuring time spent, and driving performance.

33 sec

The average Intrinsic Time-in-View in our network delivers 33x the minimum standard.*


The average time our ads are deemed viewable in our network per session.*


The average response from players when asked if they would consider or were likely to purchase the product after seeing it in an in-game ad.*

15 hrs

The average time per week consumers spend engaging with video games.*

Frameplay plays nice with others

When it comes to media planning, in-game advertising isn’t just innovative, it's essential. It can effectively reach your target audience, just like today’s most popular advertising channels, and can play forward or point guard for your omnichannel campaign.


Potential OTT reach


The (still growing) global player count in 2023

“People spent more time gaming than they did on all other forms of media during the pandemic, including social media. To reach the audience you desire, you have to consider in-game marketing. Frameplay makes that turnkey for marketers looking to connect with that audience in mobile environments, but more importantly, additive to the player experience.”
Lou Paskalis, MMA GlobalChairman, Global Media and Data Board
"Frameplay has built exactly what the industry needs right now, which is a brand safe, high-quality and scaled content opportunity for brands to connect to gamers. We look forward to building upon our early work with Frameplay to expand our opportunities in the in-game space."
Joe Kowan, Spark FoundryExecutive Vice President, Digital Solutions

Solutions for Developers

Monetize without compromise

Frameplay makes earning passive income from your games easy, so you can focus on the projects you love. Install our SDK, design your ad spaces, and generate revenue—without ever sacrificing the player experience.

Our technology is designed for games built on the world’s biggest development platforms

“Our developers are now experts in leveraging Frameplay’s SDK to create and deploy authentic, effective in-game advertisements. We appreciate the thoughtfulness that Frameplay invests in creating a gamer-friendly, contextually-driven advertising experience.”
Zachary Stadlin-Robbie, MiniclipHead of Ad Partners and Monetisation

Unlock the full potential of️ your ad revenue with Frameplay