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Frameplay Corp July 11, 2023

A Santa-sack of vital knowledge for marketers…

Every marketer on the “Nice” list this year knows it’s time to start planning their holiday campaigns. Some brands have already experienced the bountiful gift that intrinsic in-game advertising by embracing gaming as an ad channelFrameplay’s latest report shows why brands and advertisers should use in-game campaigns to reach their audiences during the holiday season, offering a Santa-sack of vital knowledge for marketers. 

Capture the Attention of Holiday Shoppers Through Gaming is the 2023 Holiday Edition of Frameplay’s Audience Analysis. Our partnership with TransUnion yielded an incredible analysis of our audience network, detailing this diverse group’s interests, purchasing habits, and demographics (you can download your free copy here.) We took this information and cross referenced it with trusted studies on holiday shopping habits to show why our highly-attentive gaming audiences can be very receptive to your brand’s holiday campaign. Here’s a few examples of what you can expect to find in the report:

  • The top verticals in which our gaming audiences are spending their money, and how it compares to national holiday spending trends
  • A generational breakdown of players in our network, including their gaming and spending habits
  • Targeting categories that can help your brand connect with holiday shoppers, and parents who game
  • How almost any brand can thrive with an intrinsic in-game advertising campaign with Frameplay

In-game advertising has proven to be an asset to brands, and the scale and reach of this ad channel will only continue to grow. We’re able to measure the attention of our audience, and give brands real-time feedback on how their campaigns are performing. This is why in-game advertising has such massive potential for a holiday campaign: when your target audience is gaming, they’re 100% focused on the gameplay—and your non-disruptive ad. Keep your brand top of mind with customers before and throughout the holiday season in a way that respects their downtime, a means of advertising that game players said they prefer.

Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, consider our report a free gift to get you in the spirit. Download your free copy of Capture the Attention of Holiday Shoppers Through Gaming here.

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