A Gamer’s Approach to Analytics

Frameplay Corp March 17, 2020

Today nearly 2.6 billion people around the world are gamers. Over one-fourth of the entire world population has at some point in time played a game on their phone, tablet, PC, or a console.

Advertisers have tried to figure out ways to access this massive group of people for years, during which they have become increasingly difficult to reach. Even when this audience has been successfully encountered, brands have a minimal view of their ROI during the engagement process. When it comes to your ad spend, how do you know who you are targeting? Are they even seeing your creative ads?

Most businesses that depend on the mainstream digital advertising offerings such as website banner ads, pop-ups, and interstitials on video platforms like “Youtube” are limited to what analytics they can get. In most cases, the advertiser can see the number of ads that are loaded and possibly clicked on, but in reality, an accurate impression is never really made. It could have been a misclick! Besides, it is entirely possible that the user skips over the ad and ignores the brand altogether due to a phenomenon called ad blindness. Advertisers need to come to terms with the fact that most people browsing the internet have become ad-blind, and even when they do see your ad on a website, they could view your intrusion negatively, affecting your brand. The average data analytics won’t tell you that statistic.

Most large scale programmatic advertising methods tend to create environments for inaccurate and even misleading data analytics that can adversely affect the business decisions of even the most well-intended brands. What’s worse is this can result in advertisers being overcharged for ineffective advertising placements. The benefits of using the current digital advertising solutions may not outweigh the analytic inaccuracies and lack of transparency these companies offer.

A Gamer’s Approach to Analytics?

Frameplay offers a new transformational Intrinsic Ad platform that allows advertisers the ability to deploy ad creative into a variety of video game environments. Our analytics engine uses telemetry to provide a 3-dimensional view to track what is happening within the virtual environment. We’ve even built a new scoring system that will determine when the ad is viewed in-game, whether it was a good impression on not. No more misclicks, and more legitimacy behind ad impressions.

Frameplay dashboard view

When it comes to in-game ad impressions, brands can see:

  • When a gamer looked at the ad
  • How long they looked at it for
  • Calculate if the ad is obstructed by objects in the game
  • If the ad was obstructed, determine by how much the player saw

These new variables enable Frameplay to provide a more accurate picture of what is really happening with the advertisements and enable the brand the ability to determine the effectiveness of their ads in real-time. What’s more, our advertising clients are only charged when a real impression is actually made, determining real ROI.

Why Should Brands Care?

Current digital advertising solutions, both online and in games, obtrusive to the experience and are typically in your face. In the real world, you don’t have someone jumping out in your face with an ad, you subtly see an advertisement on the side of a building, bus or billboard on a freeway. All unobtrusive and an intrinsic and natural part of your daily life. Frameplay provides brands the opportunity to mimic the real world in the virtual one and do so in a manner that maximizes the gamer’s mood and provides access to a truly accurate view of engagement and ROI.‍

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