Frameplay and Livewire Partner to Offer APAC Advertisers Exclusive Intrinsic In-Game Advertising Inventory in Premium Games

Frameplay Corp April 28, 2021

Frameplay, a global leader in enabling intrinsic in-game advertising, is proud to exclusively partner with Livewire, a global gametech, entertainment and marketing company, to provide in-game inventory to APAC marketers with the world’s premium, intrinsic in-game advertising solution. Livewire will be offering Frameplay’s advertising inventory to the market at a preferred partner rate, helping brands that are interested in expanding their audience through buying strategic in-game advertising, an effective cookieless alternative.

Livewire will be offering this exclusive inventory to advertisers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, and Thailand, allowing brand exposure to targeted geographic or global audiences. The partnership with Frameplay enables Livewire clients to have access to over 190 million daily impressions and premium game inventory across millions of mobile, PC, and console devices.

“Since launching our product in the fall of2020, several influential global brands, including Progressive, Pizza Hut, and Energizer, have experienced the brand lift benefits of intrinsic, in-game advertising with Frameplay,” said Scott Linzer, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Frameplay. “We are excited to bring this same opportunity to APAC advertisers through our strategic partnership with Livewire, who is a leading global gaming marketing company for brands.”

Livewire creates integrated gaming marketing strategies across the entire gaming ecosystem, designing market entry strategies, campaigns and content that deliver solutions that add value to brand marketing objectives. The partnership with Frameplay enables advanced insights into diverse gaming communities at scale. Advertisers and agencies require specialists in emerging areas and Livewire fills that need as gaming marketing experts for major brands and their agencies.

“We’re thrilled to add Frameplay as an exclusive partner to our growing gaming client base and extend Livewire’s APAC footprint as a leading gametech company. The region is a very important market strategically, especially for mobile gaming and it’s great to be launching with premium game inventory. The partnership with Frameplay works side by side with Livewire’s vision to meet the growing demand for inventory that is brand safe, viewable and unintrusive to the next generation of consumers, while still being highly measurable for brands and marketers.” said Indy Khabra Co-Founder &CEO at Livewire.

Interested advertisers should contact Livewire at to learn more.  

About Frameplay

Frameplay is a global in-game advertising leader headquartered in San Francisco, California with worldwide offices and teams supporting NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.

Frameplay enables game developers to easily place impactful advertising intrinsically within video game environments without disrupting the gameplay performance or experience. The result is amplified brand exposure for advertisers, additional revenue for developers, and an enjoyable, uninterrupted experience for gamers. For more information, visit


Livewire is a global gametech, entertainment and marketing company founded in Australia. Livewire creates integrated gaming marketing strategies, using their experience with gaming publishers, talent, digital platforms and emerging technology to design campaigns and deliver solutions that add value. As the leading gaming ecosystem expert and trusted partner to brands, Livewire helps with entry and strategy across the metaverse in gaming marketing, delivering evergreen solutions where data informs content, improving performance and engagement. For more information, visit

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