Frameplay Is The First Nielsen DAR Certified Intrinsic In-Game Advertising Company

Frameplay Corp August 13, 2020

Today Frameplay announced it has completed the mobile in-app Nielsen Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) certification process.  Nieslen has invited Frameplay to be added to their Public Certified Mobile Client List which is used by agencies and brands to identify preferred partners for DAR.

Frameplay is the first intrinsic in-game advertising company to be certified by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, a digital advertising solution that provides a true cross-platform view of digital audience across computers, smartphones, tablets, and connected devices.

Intrinsic in-game advertising is enabled by placing advertisements within the video game play environment, rather than outside of the game play environment.  This advertising approach provides brands with brand safe advertisements that don’t disrupt the performance or the experience of the game play.

Enabling intrinsic in-game advertising comes with incremental complexity when implementing 3rd party measurement normally meant for internet and app-based digital experiences.   Frameplay and Nielsen have worked together to ensure Nielsen’s DAR works with Frameplay’s industry leading SDK software, to provide industry-valued 3rd party audience measurement of Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game advertising solution.

iCrossing’s Chief Media Officer, Chris Apostle, said, “The Nielsen DAR Certification adds an important, trusted audience verification metric to Frameplay’s in-game advertising capabilities for our clients and we are excited to have this offering.”

Frameplay’s Scott Linzer, SVP, Business Development, knows first hand how valuable trusted 3rd party measurement is to advertisers. “The growth of the gaming channel is significant, yet advertisers have under-indexed in their spend relative to the market size.  A significant factor is because of the lack of trusted measurement sources.  And I am proud that Frameplay has integrated with industry leading trusted measurements.”

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