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Frameplay Corp February 20, 2020


Frameplay Corp.
Ben Lee, CMO

January 28, 2020


San Francisco, CA–  Frameplay (, a video game advertising company headquartered in San Francisco, CA has announced the release of its new innovative “Intrinsic Virtual Advertising” platform. The company is positioning its software as a new standard in video game advertising and believes its cross-platform functionality (built for PC, Mobile and Console) and “developer first” approach is the key to their success in helping advertisers reach a global audience of nearly 2.6 billion gamers in a manner that is acceptable to them.

Video game developers, both large AAA and small indie studios alike, will be able to monetize their games and increase “life-time-value” of player sessions with no impact on the player. “Developers will be in complete control of the types of ads allowed and how they are displayed in their games”, says Founder and CEO, Jonathon Troughton.  “In addition, the intrinsic nature of the ads will allow them to be displayed in a manner that is a natural part of the environment without being intrusive or disrupting the experience.”

With its intuitive and self-service on-line interface, big brand marketing teams and advertising agencies, are able to target their desired audience, genre of game, and receive new and unique data analytics in real-time.  Founder and CTO, Eric Rossi says, “We’re gamers and we wanted to help developers create games that we love to play, but unfortunately, many great games never see the light of day because they run out of money. With our tools, we can mimic the real world in the virtual world and make generating revenue possible for the developer and give brands and agencies a new and convenient channel to reach an audience that has been difficult to engage with. It’s a win-win for both sides.”

The platform is built to operate on the most popular game engines; Unity and Unreal Engine and soon to include Amazon Lumberyard, and Source. It is now live and available for developers to sign up at

About Frameplay

Headquartered in San Francisco, California. Frameplay is an Intrinsic advertising platform for video games. Frameplay offers a transparent, self-serve, gamer first experience that encourages creativity whilst delivering sophisticated data and analytics to both advertisers and developers.  For more information, visit

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