Frameplay Partners With Game Developers In Their Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Kayla McCord June 18, 2020

Game Developers are, in their own right, serial entrepreneurs. They combine a unique blend of artistry, technical ability, and storytelling to compile visually appealing, engaging worlds for their players to immerse themselves in. Monetization is always top of mind, however many traditional solutions impair the player experience, causing a dilemma for many Game Developers.

One thing that often gets overlooked, however, is the sheer grit that goes into the Game Development  process, and the level of entrepreneurship it requires. They have an idea, they build something, and it either takes off or it doesn’t. Failure is often and fast. But when something works, the joy of the success is worth it.

Here at Frameplay, the best part of our day is when we get to connect with Game Developers to see and experience their incredible vision firsthand. Working hand and hand with developers to make sure that each studio maximizes their monetization potential without compromising any part of the player experience is something that fuels us to provide the highest level of support and consultative services.

When people ask why we take such a hands-on approach to supporting our developers, it comes down to respect. We have such a massive amount of respect for the work that Game Developers do on a daily basis, and we feel honored that they would include us in that process to help them to monetize at the most lucrative level, all while maintaining the best player experience possible. If we can help them to do that and equip them with Frameplay’s technology, that then enables them to focus on all the other details that require their attention. And, as we know, entrepreneurs have to manage an overwhelming amount of details. Monetization just doesn’t need to be one of those details anymore.

These are serial entrepreneurs. They deserve tools that are designed specifically for them, made by people like them. Gamers helping gamers.

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