Frameplay was the First In-Game Advertising Company to be Featured on iab.THERE.

Frameplay Corp June 1, 2020

Frameplay was the first in-game advertising company to be featured on iab.THERE.  Our Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, Cary Tilds discussed advertising in video games and why we need an “AND strategy” to connect the worlds of Advertising and Video Game Development.

Iab.THERE is a daily talk show featuring IAB subject matter experts and industry notables discussing hot-button topics and current events.  The conversation on the show covered many topics relevant to growing the in-game advertising capability in the right way.  

Key topics covered in the session:

  • What exactly is Frameplay and why did you join the company?
  • We’re seeing media consumption increase across the board during Coronavirus, and that includes video games. Help us dig a little deeper. How are video gamers reacting/changing since March?
  • Video games covers a lot of territory… let’s talk about the differences: casual/mobile, PC, console… and what’s next?
  • What’s the biggest myth about video games and video gamers?
  • When it comes to advertising in video games, what are the big opportunities for brands? Put your GroupM hat back on for a moment… is there enough SCALE in video games?
  • And what about different sorts of brands and their ability to advertise in video games. Is there a different approach that, say, a Ford should take versus Mondelez?
  • Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, in a January Mediapost article argued that console games are a great future home for premium advertising, particularly the :30 spot. Do you agree?

Frameplay is made by gamers for game developers and Cary’s responses certainly reflected that vision. Curious to know how the conversation went?  

Watch the session here.

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