Frameplay’s Solution Produced Double-Digit Point Lift in Comscore Brand Lift Study

Frameplay Corp December 3, 2020

There are 217 Million gamers in the US  playing on average 6 hours, 20 minutes of games each week.  The audience is incredibly diverse, 47% male/53% female.

A leading snack brand team and agency wanted to connect to this significant gaming audience in a meaningful, authentic way to reinforce that this leading snack brand is a great tasting snack. Gamers are incredibly engaged with the game during play and do not appreciate being disrupted by advertising while playing their games.

This leading snack brand and their agency worked with Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game advertising solution to advertise within the games without disrupting the play.  Comscore’s Brand Lift Study was applied to understand the value of the media inside the game.

The strategy paid off!  This leading snack brand saw brand attribute lift across the board.  More importantly, the brand saw double-digital point lifts in the following:

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