GumGum and Frameplay Partner to Deliver Contextually-Relevant, Intrinsic In-Game Advertisements

Frameplay Corp June 14, 2022

Santa Monica, CA – June 14, 2022 – GumGum, a contextual-first global digital advertising platform, announced today a strategic partnership with Frameplay, the global leader in enabling intrinsic in-game advertising. The partnership expands GumGum’s suite of high-impact ad products into the Frameplay platform and allows advertisers to reach gamers and consumers within highly cinematic and interactive video games. This unlocks both time and attention from the world’s most desirable audiences with relevant intrinsic in-game advertising in a brand-suitable environment. 

“Not only does gaming offer advertisers a unique opportunity to reach exciting, diverse, and unexpected audiences online, it also offers brands a springboard into the Web 3.0 world,” said Phil Schraeder, CEO at GumGum. “There are 180 million people in the United States alone–-almost half of the country’s population—that identify as a digital gamer, so it’s clear that in-game advertising is absolutely critical for brands to increase their share of voice and reach audiences at scale. With Frameplay, we’re able to offer advertisers the chance to be early adopters of this emerging environment, helping them reach diverse gaming audiences across mobile, desktop, and consoles with non-intrusive ads that blend seamlessly into a user’s gaming experience.”

This integration provides GumGum with an additional offering that complements GumGum’s  core display and video products. Frameplay’s unique ad platform supports high viewability standards, consistent with GumGum’s high-impact formats. Frameplay supports ad spaces implemented through their SDK as well as custom ad experiences that allow brands to own a 100% share of voice. The partnership will be offered as limited availability initially, with expanded availability to be released later this year.

“Frameplay’s collaboration with GumGum unlocks an opportunity for advertisers to reach new, highly-attentive audience segments in a seamless and measurable way,” said Jonathon Troughton, CEO of Frameplay. “At Frameplay, we’re giving developers and advertisers the proven benefits of intrinsic in-game advertising to captivate audiences in scaled, cinematic video games without sacrificing creativity or user experiences. Our partnership fuels that mission. We’re proud to provide these rich opportunities to GumGum’s clients and enthusiastic for the future of this partnership to unfold.”

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About GumGum

GumGum is a contextual-first global digital advertising platform that captures people’s attention, without the use of personal data. We believe that an advertising ecosystem based on understanding a consumer’s active frame of mind rather than behavior builds a more equitable and safer future for consumers, publishers, and advertisers alike. Founded in 2008, GumGum is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and operates in 19 markets worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Frameplay

Frameplay is the global intrinsic in-game advertising leader headquartered in San Francisco, California with worldwide offices and teams supporting NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. Frameplay enables game developers to easily place impactful advertising intrinsically within video game environments without disrupting the gameplay performance or experience. The result is amplified brand exposure for advertisers, additional revenue for developers, and an enjoyable, uninterrupted experience for gamers. For more information, visit

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