In-game Ad Tech Start-up Frameplay Inspires Aspiring Video Game Developers

Frameplay Corp May 28, 2020

In the Spring 2020 Art: 477 Game Design course at Louisiana Tech School of Design, students focusing on game design, graphic design and computer science had a game-changing experience for their group-based game design project.

Teams of students were tasked with designing their own video game with the Frameplay SDK integrated into the final product. Students went through the same process as career game developers on the Frameplay site: setting up their accounts, placing ad spaces throughout their game environments, and connecting with Frameplay support staff for technical support. The students who participated in the project commented on how easy it was to download and use the Frameplay SDK.

During the game development project work, Frameplay offered students a glimpse of Silicon Valley culture, while supporting students in their academic and career journeys.  The students were treated to a presentation by video game industry expert and Frameplay CEO Jonathon Troughton, who personally demonstrated the technology.

Jonathon educated the aspiring game developers to know why having a lightweight, non-resource intensive, and scalable technology matters in video game development and monetization.  His presentation covered how Frameplay’s technology optimizes for ad space game objects placement, while monitoring runtime network traffic, ad quality breakdown, and runtime performance analysis relative to the advertisements.

Professor Jerry L. Berg II, Associate Professor of Design, said, “Having access to industry leaders and technology in the video game development space has truly inspired our aspiring game developers.

Frameplay is proud of our Education Partnership with Louisiana Tech University – School of Design because it reinforces our mission to enable any game developer, whether industry veteran or just starting out, to implement intrinsic ads into video game environments without disrupting the gameplay experience.

Frameplay encourages game developers to check out the Frameplay SDK and to reach out via our support channels for sales and technical help. We look forward to building up the game development community!

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