It’s Time to Up your Holiday Game

Frameplay Corp September 7, 2022

The holidays have a way of creeping up when you least expect it. The dog days of summer seem to last forever, and before you know it, your calendar is filled up with family gatherings, office parties, and feasts with friends. 
It might seem too soon to say “Happy Holidays,” but it’s actually the perfect time of year to coordinate and plan your seasonal in-game campaign, well before your audience is gaming even more than usual. If you’ve been following the exciting world of intrinsic in-game ads, you’re probably aware of how effective they are for brands and developers. Here are some stocking stuffer-sized facts in case you need a refresher:

Intrinsic In-Game Ads Are Perfect For The Holidays

Now that we’re back up to speed, consider how effective in-game advertising can be during the holiday season. Game studios are hyping long-awaited releases, and fans of all ages are putting new devices, consoles, and games on their holiday wish-lists. The holidays bring more time off from work, giving gamers more time to play across multiple platforms and devices; 70% of gamers play on smartphones, and 60% game on multiple devices, making gaming accessible from the couch at home to the line at the register on Black Friday. Your audience will be shopping throughout the holiday season, so putting your brand in the game can help make your brand recognizable while out and ready to spend. 

More than half of gamers play video games to unwind, and everyone is looking for some downtime during the busy holiday season. Consider the ups and downs that come with this time of year: braving the hectic supermarket or packed mall during holiday sales; making the multi-course family dinner; wrapping presents while hiding from snooping kids or relatives; the bliss and exhaustion of constant holiday parties and gift exchanges. It’s all great—but it’s a lot! As much as we look forward to the holiday traditions and family moments, we’re also looking forward to any spare moment to unwind and relax. That’s where your holiday campaign comes into play. 

Three Facts To Consider When Planning Your Holiday Campaign

Historically, gamer spending habits, downloads, and overall mobile purchases peak around the holidays. These figures are strong throughout the year, but there’s no denying that billions of gamers spend more time in-game during the season. 

Long before you carve the turkey or hang the mistletoe, give your brand the gift of Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game ads. Set up a meeting with us and we can get your holiday campaign going in no time. 

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