The New Frameplay Look Demonstrates Our Vision to Inspire and Lead in Virtual Worlds

Frameplay Corp September 28, 2022

Frameplay’s mission is to make intrinsic, in-game advertising a positive, immersive, non-disruptive contribution to video games, enhancing the experience by using the best performing technology and most insightful data. 

Today we are proud to announce we have innovated and evolved our brand look and logo to reflect our commitment to this vision and mission for the gaming industry. 

Why Change the Frameplay Look?

Since we were first founded in 2018, Frameplay has experienced tremendous growth and we wanted our look and feel to reflect this progress. We’ve gone through some dramatic changes, and so has the gaming industry at large: a new generation of home consoles debuted while mobile gaming took the world by storm, gaming demographics evolvedFrameplay leveled up, the marketing world finally took notice at the gaming industry and the attention-grabbing power it has, and we became a leading contributor to the IAB’s newly updated in-game advertising standards.  

We know first hand how quickly the gaming world evolves. We’ve grown accustomed to staying up to date on new releases, technology, and game genres, and it was important our new look captures the energy of this busy industry, while also reflecting what our main vision and mission is all about. Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game ads are designed to enhance virtual worlds by working seamlessly within the environment. It was vital our new look and feel reflected this commitment. 

The New Logo 

As our company grew to become a global brand, our logo had to evolve. It was our way to tell the world we’re levelling up our commitment to serve the gaming industry.

Our new logo ditches the soft edges and font of the old version for a sharp, sleek design that nods to polygon design in the gaming world (and in the background of our images). The trophy, as we call it, uses a clever treatment of the letters “FP” as visual shorthand for our company. This trophy is a nod to in-game achievements; a compact icon to imply a player has completed a rare, impressive feat without clear instructions or direct incentive. 

Our tech, and the desire to make in-game ads as best as they can possibly be for developers, brands, and players alike, speaks to the in-game achievement mindset. We weren’t asked to redefine industry standards, we took it upon ourselves to do it because it was the right thing to do. 

Our new look and logo signals a new chapter in Frameplay’s story, one that alludes to our continual growth, ambition and clear mission to make intrinsic, in-game advertising a positive, immersive, non-disruptive contribution to video games, inspiring and leading advertising experiences in virtual worlds.

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